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Inspired by the abyss

Illustration by Florian Charnacé

The Kraken

for Flibustier Paris
60x60 cm - 27 hours

Flibuster Paris asked me to create a design inspirated from my world but also of piracy and its myths. The Kraken was obviously the one I wanted to represent.

Inspired by the abyss - Kraken - Fliich


Personnal project
50x65 cm - 17 hours

This creature is a jellyfish living in harmony with five spirit of the depths that protect in case of danger and use its mesoglea as a refuge.

Inspired by the abyss - Méduse - Fliich

The spirit of the depths

Personnal project
50x65 cm - 19 hours

A creature born from the symbiosis of predators abyssal, moving like a sea snake, it illuminates the depths with its bioluminescence.

Inspired by the abyss - Spirit of the depths - Fliich